to the ocean

It's been an interesting few days,with no power for over 48 hours, but we got it
back just in time to get ready for a holiday!

So, to tide you over, here are some photos that I took last weekend in New Plymouth.

I hope to have some new photos for you soon!


Wednesday around the World

As ex-cyclone Gita rambled through the Cook Strait, the sun came out for a moment 
and I ran out to get a glimpse of this!

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lake mangamahoe

Even though I thoroughly enjoy my solitude at our house, Hubby makes sure that I get out
and about on the weekends. This weekend he took me to Lake Mangamahoe, outside
of New Plymouth. It's been a favorite of mine since the first time he took me there.

Apparently, it's too cold in Canada for the Canadian geese!



another one!

In my last post, I told you that I get very few butterflies in my garden. 
Well, before my last scheduled post was published another admiral showed up!

And, as a bonus, there was a monarch, too!


yellow admiral and WATW

I don't get a lot of butterflies in my flower garden--just the occasional
monarch, red admiral and this lovely yellow admiral.

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 I was happily surprised that my seeds from one plant last year gave
me so many wonderful hibiscus blooms this year. I wish I could remember 
where I got the original plant!