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The ocean is always a wonderful place to find simple beauty.

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Pigs crossing sign

For those of you that were intrigued by the Pigs Crossing


things I find interesting

Stands with honesty boxes are an occasional sight.

At one point, this airplane was open as a place to eat your food from the attached restaurant.

Signs like this are in all the touristy places.


Friesian mailbox and WATW

Hubby build this mailbox  several years ago. We eventually sold it online 
to a dairy farmer and delivered it to the farm.

Since I had mentioned the mailbox a while back, Hubby took me to see it 
when we went out for the day. He does listen!

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cross hills garden

Over the long weekend, we took a drive to Kimbolton to Cross Hills Garden, 
a very large, very old garden. Some trees are over 100 years old. 

It was rhodo heaven with over 200 rhodos and azaleas. 


Milford Sound

It was raining when I took this photo as we were walking back to the car after a wet tour of Milford Sound with all the wonderful waterfalls. 
The grass in front caught my eye and I just snapped a 'hope for the best' shot. It turned out pretty good.


a few more spring flowers

While I'm waiting for the seeds that I planted to come up, I have a few flowers from earlier seeds and bulbs that have captured my attention (and camera).


I finally got some freesia blooms from bulbs that I planted two or three years ago. I have no idea why they don't like my garden.

My tulips are hit and miss. Last year, none came up! 

So I dug them up last fall to replant in the spring. 

I thought I got them all, but a few weeks ago, the ones that I missed started coming up! 
I hurried and put the others back in the ground--none of those I put back bloomed at all!

I will leave them to do whatever they want!


Wednesday around the World

Never a truer sign!
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I just wanted to share this photo that I captured a few nights ago.


more foam

I'm not sure why, but sea foam fascinates me.


strange things on the side of the road

We drive through the town of Kaponga to go to Hollard Gardens. It's basically one intersection with a pub, a small grocery store, a mechanic's garage and a school. The population can't be more than 400.

I have to say that we see the strangest vehicles parked in this small town, but not outside the mechanic's place.

It seems that tennis was a big thing a few decades back.


rhodo and WATW

Spring has sprung here in Taranaki!

What is going on in your part of the world?

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