Bird Highrise

This wall is at Kaupokonui Beach. The holes are caused by embedded rocks being eroded from the wall. Birds take up residency in these holes and have the perfect place to build a nest. 



This panorama is three shots put together with Autostich from my front doorway.


Where is spring?

Living in the Southern Hemisphere means the seasons are reversed from what I was used to in the US. It's been a very wet wintry wait for spring and I was hoping it was just around the corner. Then...

I woke up to that nastiest of four-letter words--snow! It was the heavy, slushy kind. It covered everything. But, thankfully, it didn't last with the sun finally peeking from behind the clouds. 



The only place in Taranaki where you cannot see the mountain! OK, so it's another step to the right as you can barely see the snow on Mt. Taranaki, if you look closely enough!

This train car used to be a restaurant, but I can't find any information on it.



At Hollard Gardens, we see many native birds. This one is a Kereru or Wood Pigeon. They are rather large birds and sound like a helicopter when they fly past. They eat mostly fruit.


moon in daylight

I don't usually see the moon in the afternoon, but it peeked out on this day about 3PM.


a ride down the road

These are some of the sights we saw on Sunday when we took a ride. I am always wanting to stop to photograph 'cows with horns' when I see them because the dairy cows have their horns burned off early in life. They do that so they don't hurt each other and so that their hides will be in good shape when the cows are done with them.


Toto, we're not in Kansas any more....

I had never seen actual shipwreck remains until today. Hubby took me to Weld Road beach and I was in awe when he casually pointed and told me that those parts sticking out of the beach are what is left of a real ship that sunk here about 100 years ago. If you'd care to read more about it, click here.


All is well

The earthquake was in the south island around Christchurch and we live in the north island, between New Plymouth and Hawera. I didn't know about it until I got out of bed! Thanks for your concern.


Spring is coming!!

As most of the blogging world is waiting with bated breath for fall to arrive, some of us can't wait for spring to get here. Well, it has officially arrived by the arbitrary date that somebody (whoever that was) picked, but the weather is taking absolutely no notice at all!

Deep within the secret lives of the bulbs in my hubby-and-Otterboy-made flower boxes, some have realized that we humans need a bit of encouragement through the rain and cold and they have raised their beautiful heads to add a bit of color to our dreary days.

Today I share with you my lovely lachenalia and tiny grape hyacinths.