signs along the way north

    I find it amusing that the entrance ramps to the highway in Auckland have red/green lights to 'help the traffic merge'. It seems rather simple to me, but I guess it's not that easy to everybody in Auckland.

Enuf said?

We found another bit of Texas in northern NZ! There's a 'Texas' restaurant outside of Palmerston North, too.

This is a great logo for the NZ drink, 'L & P'. That stand for 'lemon and Paeroa' (the city it was first made). It's funnier with a NZ accent.

A novel idea for a photograph outside of Auckland.

I noted this little 'US' in a circle as we waited at some road construction. I just wonder if the sign is 'US approved'!

90 mile beach isn't. It's only about 55, but nobody knows where the name came from. You can drive on the beach as long as you don't have a rental car. How's that for strange laws?

Indeed, you may drive the 'normal' speed limit of 100kph on the beach.

I guess if you drive an 18-wheeler, you can have a vanity plate like this!


  This is one of our favorite 'punny' signs.


waka at waitangi

This is an elaborately carved waka (canoe) on at the Waitiangi Treaty grounds. Click here to read more about the grounds.


St James church at Kerikeri

Here are a few more photos of St. James Church at Kerikeri.


Cape Reinga

This lighthouse was the ultimate destination of our holiday, although we had just as much fun 'getting there' as arriving.

The view at Cape Reinga is absolutely breathtaking.

The waves in the middle of nowhere are caused from the Pacific Ocean meeting the Tasman Sea.

And the sacred history for the Maori makes the whole place quite interesting. This link gives you some historical information.


Te Kuiti

This is a display on the main high street of Te Kuiti.

A weta--we have a lot of them! Read more here.



These are a few of the scenes from our holiday in the north.

There are mounds of white sand just south of Cape Reinga called Te Paki.

This was taken in the Bay of Islands.

These are the beautiful waters at the far north tip of the north island.

Lighthouse at Cape Reinga in the distance.



I love the detail on this succulent bloom in our 'limpets did this' rock garden.