Is this what your Burger King looks like?

I always find it amusing that the BK's here (at least, all the ones that I've been to) in NZ have Americana decorations. I finally remembered to take a photo to show you.


the ugly tree

When we moved to this house, the landlord told me the two trees in the front yard garden were ugly and he didn't care if we chopped them down. The real estate agent said they were ugly, too, but their blooms attracted native birds. I had no idea what kind of trees they were so I figured we'd let them bloom and see what happens.

Well, it turns out they are cherry trees with bookoo blooms! (I have been saying 'bookoo' all my life but don't remember where I heard the phrase. I'm sure it's an Americanization of French.) Anyway, it has been quite windy these last few days and the grass is covered with tiny white petals. The wind finally died down so I could get some photos and I think they look so great against the blue sky.



Grace had no intention of letting me shoot alone.



sunny yellow pom poms

I don't know what this flower is but it definitely caught my eye at Hollard Gardens the other day. Any help with identification will be appreciated.

welcome swallows

These are just two of the many welcome swallow beauties that flit around, shining bright blue in the sunlight. I am pretty sure a pair are nesting in our wood room behind the garage.



Hubby's eagle eye

While we were at Hollard Gardens this weekend, Hubby got a glint in his eye and reached for the camera. This algae on a tree trunk is what he captured.