Pesky vandals!!

There really isn't much crime in New Zealand. My theory is that the country is so small that there is nowhere to hide. So imagine my shock when Hubby told me a few months back that there had been a terrible case of vandalism in the small town of Inglewood!
Just look what they did to the train depot!

Yes, this is an act of vandalism. Really. At least, that's what the paper said.

Apparently, there had been a land dispute where the defunct depot stands and ownership was returned to the Maori (indigenous people). Since there were no longer trains stopping there, they boarded the windows up and it stood in disarray for a while...

...until some 'citizens' of the town decided it needed a coat of paint and the above pictures are the result.
Oh, by the way, they still haven't caught those pesky vandals.


MsTypo said...

Hi, visiting from BPOTW! :)

If they ever catch those vandals i hvae a house that could use some of their vandalism skills... :p

BPOTW said...

Vandals and a happy ending..who'd have thought!