drive by churches

Hubby is always on the look-out for churches anywhere we go.
These are a few that he found in the South Island.


a few birds

These are some of the birds that we encountered
in the South Island earlier this year.


Buying eggs, Taranaki style

While driving around last weekend, Hubby saw a sign for eggs for sale. 
We stopped and took them off the shelf, put the money in 
the little jar and drove off with our organic eggs. :) I love Taranaki!
Such an old-fashioned way to do business.


my garden as autumn approaches

I only had 5 monarch caterpillars this year.

Wednesday around the World

The bees here are quite happy with the wildflowers
that grow along the side of the road.

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artistic baling and panoramas

While we were in the South Island, I noticed the bales of hay laying in the fields. Just about all the farms had them  looking very meticulous in the way they were laid out which is in stark contrast to the bales in Taranaki being stacked along the side of the field.

Hubby asked around and found that it's so damp there that the farmers leave them where they will be used for the animals. The things I learn!

Some of the farms had baled the hay in purple wrapping that reminded me of the pink bales a couple of years back that were in support of breast cancer. The purple bales raise money for Starship Children's Hospital. You can read more here.

Hubby and I both love the 'panorama' setting on the camera. These are some he took.


South Island sights

Once I get out of the farmland of Taranaki, I am charmed by the historic buildings and scenes of the rest of New Zealand, especially in the South Island. These are some more of the sights that grabbed my attention while we were there. Some of the photos are just drive-by's out the car window but I hope you enjoy seeing what I saw :)


Wednesday around the World

I bet the hardest part of enforcing this sign is the seagulls!
Hubby found this sign and thought it was amusing.

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