summer colors

I'm working on filling in the gaps of the garden with different kinds of flowers and they seem to be doing well.








Balloon plant

Alonsoa flowers

Another I don't know the name, please let me know if you can identify it. It's a happy succulent.
I believe it might be a bulbine.

My wishing well that Hubby built.  It has red and purple geraniums in it.


Natasha said...

Ah, beautiful colours here Betty! Love the brightness of those zinnias! - Tasha

Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing your colorful flowers and the sweet wishing well! I love balloon flowers!

riitta k said...

Great photos! I don't dare to guess. Have a beautiful day and thanks for linking!

Sue (this n that) said...

A real riot of colour with all these gorgeous blooms! I am so interested to see the white Abutilon... if you lived close I would ask for a cutting :D)
Cheers now!

Prunella Pepperpot said...

You have some wonderfully colourful garden flowers and I love your well.

Linda W. said...

Such lovely, brilliant flowers! Thanks for brightening my day.

Sofie V said...

Gorgeous photo's of beautiful flowers!
Greetings, Sofie

123design.me said...

Summerfeeling, wonderful photos from the flowers.

Anonymous said...

What a wealth of the most wonderful and beautiful flowers

Greetings Eva

Heidi R. said...

Your summer flowers are fabulous!
Best regards,

amo sin blogg said...

Very beautiful flowers.
I long for spring and summer :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Botanical gardens here have a plant called Wild Petunia that looks something like your purple flower. Could yours be a domesticated variety of that (I don't know the scientific name, I never do... but I did a Google Image search for wild petunia and at least one of the pictures that showed up look like it.)

And speaking of botanical gardents -- I think your yard could qualify. All of these summer flowers are beautiful and many of them grow here in subtropical sw Florida this time of year or even earlier in the winter.

Anni said...

Zinnia is such a great summer plant! I've got some seeds that I will plant in about a month's time as I haven't had zinnias for some years now and longed for them.

Helt enkelt hemma hos mig said...

Lovely colours :)