Old Sod Cottage

Considering the fact that the British meaning of 'sod' is demeaning, I had to stop
to look around.
Fortunately, 'sod' is the material that the house is made from!

Hugh Murray built in the 1860s for John McIntosh, as a store and as a stopping place 
for miners heading to the Tuapeka goldfields. 


Lois said...

Such a charming little place. They certainly did a good job of restoring it.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this. So very sweet!

Anni said...

Such a lovely little cottage! It's always interesting and sometimes funny when words means different things.

When you arrive at a Swedish ferry terminal you will see signs showing the way for Gods. Goods in English :-)

Ela said...

Such a lovely place to visit !!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos !!

Helén said...

Very cute old house! I love exploring old places.

Sharon said...

Those sod walls are amazing! I love the black dining set. I would enjoy having that in my contemporary home. What a fun house to visit!

Tom said...

...what a fabulous bit of history. They were popular with the plains states in the US.Locally we have a 'mud house,' a bad idea where is rains. Thanks for sharing, I hope to see you again.