First apple blooms

from the tree in our back yard garden.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Lovely photo! It is so nice to see spring emerging there while we are in our atumn season.

Unknown said...

These blossoms are beautiful, Bettyl! Thanks for visiting me:) and have a great weekend.

Jim said...

Hi Betty ~~ Loving your Apple Blossom post. We see them all around London when we are here in the Spring (we are here again, right now, in the Fall). They are soooo pretty.

Thank you for visiting my couple with lots of BLUES but then found HOPE.

We will be in Aukland Dec 27 and on the 28th our cruise ship leaves for the other side of N.Z. from Stratford. My SIL (in London with the grandkids) tells me that will be Boxing Day.

Happy MidWeek Blues.

Suburban Girl said...

As we head into winter I love stopping by here and seeing your spring.

Anonymous said...

What stunning tones and contrasts the cherry blossoms bring us.