Christmas came early for me

I am so excited because I got a new camera for Christmas! Ok, it's not quite Christmas, yet. And, the camera is second hand, which I don't mind at all. But it was a very good deal and it might inspire me to use settings besides 'auto' :)  It's a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.

Hubby was keen to check out the zoom, so he took these two shots while standing at the same spot. I think it will do quite nicely! 

But, in checking the manual and settings--and there are a LOT of them!--I might just be in over my head by changing from my point and shoot to this DSLR. But, if all else fails, I can still use the 'auto' setting!


eileeninmd said...

Hi, I use the same camera and love it. The zoom is wonderful. Congrats on your new camera.

Modern Mom said...

Wonderful photos!

White Angel

Kehau.Inks said...

Congrats. Can I have ur old one?

Kenneth said...

Shoot first auto and then try manual settings and you will soon find out when it can improve your pics.

Good luck with your new camera!