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Debra | Gma'sPhoto said...

Oh, how your part of the world looks different than my pastures and cows! The I age with the fence row and shoes, why all the shoes draped over the fence? Here in the States shoes over a telephone wire usually indicates drugs/sale of drugs.

Debra | Gma'sPhoto

Taken For Granted said...

What a fine collection of photos. The boat graveyard is impressive to see, and all the shoes on the fence. You do manage to find perfect subjects to photograph.

roentare said...

Beautiful coastal beauties

Barbara Rogers said...

Beaches and sea shores have familiarity the world around. I scanned through your photos and suddenly thought, I've seen that! Though of course somewhere on the coast of the US!

Pauline said...

Thanks for those breathtaking images of a truly beautiful coastline. Your penultimate photo is wonderful.