In case you can't tell, I can watch waves for hours 😄

These photos are from Opunake Beach.

These are from the Opunake Lookout.

These are from Waikawau-the beach through the tunnel.

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Taken For Granted said...

Waves do keep rolling in. That last set looked like good surfing waves.

suituapui said...

The sound of the waves can be real soothing too!

csuhpat1 said...

That is so very beautiful.

handmade by amalia said...

The beach is my happy place as well.

Yvonne said...

And if I could, I would be there with you watching the waves for hours. Beautiful photos.

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

Same here. You took really beautiful photos of them too.

Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

Rambling Woods said...

So many new link-ups I see....Love the ocean..missing it especially now with no vacations....Michelle