in my garden

 After many days of warm rain, it's beginning to look like autumn is close by.
The weather is warm during the day but cooler at night but the colors of
the garden don't care--they just do what they are meant to do.

These yellow flowers are from a potted plant that Hubby surprised me with last
summer. I am so happy that four of the five plants bloomed beautifully this fall.

This is a running geranium in my wishing well, but it sure looks like a tibouchina bloom.

My red geranium in the wishing well is very happy.

Of course, these little guys popped up after the rain...

This is a yellow admiral (thanks, Hubby, for the id) that hangs around the house. Today I saw two of them.


Klara S said...

So many beautiful flowers you have in your garden! Wonderful captures. I like mushrooms too :)

Gattina said...

Beautiful flowers, in my part of the world they would probably grow in spring and not in autumn !

Arti said...

The small mushrooms are a sign that fall is approaching but the other part of your garden still looks like summer...a little paradise

Miuh said...

Very nice - and many plants which we know here in Switzerland too :-)
Unfortunately we had temperatures below zero and even Snow in the past 3 days - instead of Spring weather... Kind Regards, Miuh

Cuco ramalheiro said...

Hello, Betty!
What beautiful yellow chrysanthemums.
I had never seen flowers of blue geraniums, how beautiful!
When I look at the Lobularia Marítima, I remember its sweet perfume. The beautiful kahukowhai, just like autumn seems to be coming to an end. Congratulations on your flowers and the beautiful photos.

123design.me said...

Your garden is so wonderful and the admiral shot is great.
The third photo from the mushroom is my favourite!

Chere Mama said...

I love your mushrooms! And the red geranium...the red is so vibrant! Happy soring!!

Traudi Gartendrossel said...

Hello Betty,
True, autumn is with you, but the colors of the flowers are bright, beautiful

The poem by Bettina von Arnim 1785-1859
Who can in the presence of a rose
Not be filled with noble thoughts?

(My Blog: words in the picture of roses:)

Alexa T said...

Hello in April! Paradise in your garden! so many blossoms in various colors and butterflies, mushrooms, small mushrooms... a lovely garden full of surprises for soul!!
Best regards and a very pleasant weekend!

Noke said...

Sehr schöne Blüten klasse Farben.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Very pretty garden you captured beautifully!

Nicole/Frau Frieda said...

Such a pretty butterfly and a bussy bee, they make me happy. Geranium (Storchschnabel) are in my garden too. Greetings, Nicole

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's a beautiful Autumn in your garden Betty.