driving around in Taranaki

Even though our travels are not restricted, we still find 
interesting things in our local area of Taranaki. 

        St Paul's Church, Okato

One of many school gates that remain.

Love these clouds.

The following two were taken a few week apart at a site where the house was removed.
They made us go, "Hmmmm...."


Taken For Granted said...

Another wonderful series of photos. Yes Betty, you found interesting scenes close to home. We are all sticking close to home right now as Coronavirus rages through the U.S.. New Zealand has been most successful as your government has taken the pandemic serious, unlike here. Perhaps those folk in your last two photos should meet. I'm sure they would get along.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Your countryside shots are beautiful, Betty. And I think I would have said more than "Hmmmmm"...:)jp

kiwikid said...

Always great to see your photos around the Taranaki area, love the surfboard fence, is she waiting for him to return maybe?

At Home In New Zealand said...

Lovely scenes. I especially love the foxgloves photo, reminded me of my childhood :)

Nancy Chan said...

You live in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful scenery.

rupam sarma said...

Amazing pics