Blogger sucks

I am not happy with Blogger at the moment.

I am signed into all my accounts, but Blogger doesn't 
recognize my account for comments.

Please know that I have read your posts and tried to comment.
I do hope this is cleared up soon.

**EDIT **
I have downloaded firefox and I can comment through that browser,
so there will be comments! YAY! 

But, Blogger still sucks.


Tom said...

...and I have run of space with Google and had to buy more space tonight!

rupam sarma said...

Oh...Hope all well soon.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
This stuff happens in odd places when Google is tinkering under the hood and generally clears up in a couple of weeks. More surprising is Tom's comment about having used up his 15GB free space... after six years, am only just hitting 2GB now! Anyone interested - downsizing/compressing images to unded 1mb for loading to blogs helps save storage and also speeds page loading for readers... that's my 2c worth 😘 YAMxx

Calendula said...

Hello together,
The problem with the comments is showing up from time to time, and I think Yamini MacLean is right. The comments on my blog show up very slowly at the moment. Hours later I get a mail, or there is no information at all about a new comment to moderate.

I'm with blogger for many, many years and there are plenty of GB left. Blogger has a special way to count the photos: meanwhile, they don't reduce your storage if photos are up to 2048 pixels. When I started to blog that limit was up to 800 px height or width. Read here:



Jill said...

Sorry about the Blogger problems. I, too, have had issues. I'm looking into transferring my blog to Word Press since Blogger has been deleting so many things. Hope it clears up for you soon!

danger garden said...

I am having the commenting issue when trying to comment on Blogger blogs on my iPad using Safari. I downloaded Chrome for iPad and it works like a charm, no issues.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

So frustrating! I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. I've never heard of the 15GB of space limit. But I do know Google is always messing with stuff! For the past week Chrome hasn't been working properly for me. Very weird.

Linda said...

Lovely photos! I cannot comment on my iPad but can do so on my laptop using Chrome. Folks using WordPress have had some security issues, so that's not a great option.