Rangiriri Heritage Center

When we stopped for coffee at this little place, I had been looking out the side window (as usual) when the car stopped, so the sign below made me giggle out loud when I looked up. 
[In Maori, 'wh' is pronounced 'f', so the sign said 'coffee' after a think.]
Our coffee and snack were delicious and the cashier/host was lovely to us.

There were some really interesting things to see in their museum that was attached to the cafe.
I wish I had taken more photos. But, I'm sure we'll stop there again sometime. Their Facebook page has the most information that I can find on the Rangiriri Heritage Center.


Taken For Granted said...

Interesting cafe. The coffee must have been good if you are going back. Never have seen a spelling of coffee like that, thank you for the explanation.

Christine said...

That was really interesting to learn of the Celtic cross!

Tom said...

...a neat looking place.

Teresa said...

Interesante café. Un beso.

Amy said...

That's funny spelling the coffee like that, being a kiwi I can relate to it.

Angie said...

Looks intriguing and worth a return!