kingfisher and WATW

I have to thank Hubby for this photo because he slowly slid--yes,
slid--out of his chair to get the camera so our movement
wouldn't scare him away!

What is happening in your world this week?

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visiting fantail

I had two visiting fantails this morning and took about 30 photos out the window. They are fast little buggers but I got a few good shots.

Their coloring that makes an angry expression makes me giggle.

Most of the shots were blurry or of this side :)



Along with lots of beautiful rainbows, the rain has brought
a fun miniature world :)


Monarchs and WATW

Missy and I happened upon monarchs in Hawera Park. They were congregating on one tree, dozens of them and more coming in each minute! I remembered seeing many more in the same park a couple of years ago but there were hundreds. There must be a connection that warrants more investigation.

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all the colors...

I just about tripped over myself the first time I saw a full arc rainbow at the house, trying to get a great shot of it. But now, they are a common sight for me.
That doesn't mean, at all, that I don't still get excited when I see them! I still get wet trying to get the photo :)



I was quite surprised to find several rose bushes with pretty flowers on them
this late in the year.

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Monarchs in the park

Missy and I were wandering around in Hawera and went to the park for a walk.
We found this lovely surprise of orange color in the trees.  I had seen a larger group of them
in the same park in May of 2013.