I love that there is so much green to see most of the year in NZ.

We saw lots of wild turkeys on our recent trip.

These are the tops of  ponga trees growing along the Forgotten
World Highway.


water, water, everywhere!

There's something soothing about water, at least, to me, and it always
has a calming effect, no matter what mood I am in.

Hubby took this photo in Raglan.


Mokau Museum

Mokau is one of those towns along State Highway 3 that you stop for coffee
and a comfort stop on your way somewhere else. The museum is across the street
from the public toilets and I have seen it many, many times but it never looked open
and I never thought to check to see. 

I watched a series called Heritage Rescue on Choice TV about a team who remodeled 
and updated small, local museums across New Zealand, like this one, and was definitely 
interested to see the updates.
So, of course, I had to check it out the next time we passed through, which was for 
our caves and rail-car trip.

To be honest, it still didn't look open, but Hubby and I checked it out anyway, and it was open!

These are a few highlights that I found interesting. There were lots of other things, too.

This fridge on the porch  caught my eye--great idea for re-purposing!


Wednesday around the World

These are a few of the many flying visitors to  my garden this spring.

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my spring garden is abloom!

Warm weather has arrived and my flowers are enjoying it a lot!
Bees are loving the flowers as well.

I can't wait to see what my summer seeds bring!


more forgotten world tour

Okahukura was our starting point for the railcart ride.

This eucalyptus tree looked quite lonely.

The town of Maitere was our destination and turn-around point for the cars.
forgotten world railcart trip nz

forgotten world railcart trip nz


turning around

Maitere was where a brick-making factory was set up to make bricks that lined the tunnels.
When the tunnels were finished, the owner decided to start baking bread.

sign at maitere nz

bridge over river



This is Bridge 95 over the Ongarue River, the last working car/train bridge in NZ. 
The last train crossed in 2009.

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Forgotten World Adventures

Combining golf carts and railroad tracks was a spark of inspiration. Click here to find out more. 
We took the 5-tunnel rail tour last week and saw some wonderful scenery that
you wouldn't see from the highway. Here is some and there will be more later!

This is inside the longest tunnel (1.5k or .9 miles) we went through. The arch on the left is the largest of many openings where the workers could step out of the way of the trains.