WATW and doggie water bowl

Doggie water bowl along the Cliff Top Garden.

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kingfisher in black and white

Brookes Road Cottage

Another exhibit at Pioneer Village, Stratford.

Mr C.A. Lehman built this 2-room cottage for his new bride to move into in 1882 along Brookes Road. It survived the 1886 fire, as did the family by burying themselves amongst the potato crop. This cottage was found inside the building it was enclosed in when it was demolished.

Cliff Top Garden, Opunake

The weather was stunning this weekend and we went for a drive to Opunake beach. It seems that there was a surfing event going on (Taranaki has some great surf beaches, click here) so we went up to the lookout to watch. The little dots in the photo below are surfers waiting for a wave.

I was thinking about walking down the walkway when I noticed a new red sign. Of course, we had to see what this garden was about...

Not knowing what to expect, we started down the path and caught a glimpse of color.

And we were stunned by the beauty of this place that is hidden from all sides.

One of the volunteers was cutting grass as we came back to the car. It seems that he started the garden about 18 months ago with his own plants. Since then, the district has contributed plants to the project and volunteers keep it looking nice.

Along the way, there were lovely views of the ocean.