I don't usually think of taking photos (other than the sky) when the sun is going down but thought some of these were pretty in the last light of the day.

traditional English cottage garden

 I had a picture in my mind of how my garden would turn out--tall flowers in the middle, shorter ones around the edges with groups of flowers on one side, mixed varieties on the other. I like organized things, that's just how I roll. But, we all know about the best laid plans. And with the seeds from former gardens (that I didn't consider a possibility after all these years) it came out looking more like a traditional English cottage garden. I can live with that.

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windblown and WATW

I found my windblown flowers a bit artistic this week.

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east end beach

While waiting for Hubby to get a haircut, I wandered down to the sea to see what there was to see.

This greater black-back gull dropped several shellfish onto the beach until they broke open.

At one point, another gull tried to steal the meal, but was quite unsuccessful.