kai iwi beach

Much of the Taranaki coast is made of mudstone and shale and, as the sign indicates, are always changing. But that doesn't take away from the amazement I feel when I see them.

I like seeing the colors of the layers...

...the black lava sand mingled with the white sand...

...and the fossilized stuff that makes little sense to me unless I attribute it to an awesome God with a great sense of humor! 

Occasionally, there are artists at work with the driftwood...

and I am quite intrigued by the spidery veins that the water makes as it tries to run to the ocean.

These sights are wonderful things I'd never have seen if I hadn't moved to New Zealand and, even after almost 9 years, I still love to see.

st paul's anglican church, wairoa

I haven't seen many art deco churches besides this one, not far from Napier.

New Plymouth city center

New Plymouth is the largest town in the district of Taranaki. Usually, when we take a trip there, we just do what we went for and that's about it--well, maybe a side trip to KFC or Burger King while we're out. Anyway, the last trip we made ended in a walk around center city (downtown, for my Yankee friends).

Every town has a clock tower and New Plymouth is no different.

As we walked by, we looked inside hoping to be able to climb to the top, but it wasn't open. As we looked up through the windows, Hubby brought this stuffed owl to my attention. It's job is to keep the birds away.

There were some gorgeous artwork around the town. This ship was captured inside a receiving dock.

The lovely and tall tui below was quite an artsy piece.

And, this detailed elephant looked over us as we walked past.

Ferrymead Heritage Park

It has a little Edwardian town with a school, shops and lots of other things from that era.