Wednesday around the World

Busy bee in magnolia in Hollard Gardens in Kaponga.   If you get a chance, be sure to drop in--you won't be disappointed, no matter the time of year!

This is my world this week in the southern hemisphere. What does yours look like? Post a photo and link up below to show the rest of the world! The link opens around 11AM, New Zealand time. 
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antique healthcare at pioneer village

The main hospital museum building was an ex-boys borstal (youth detention center) from Levin which was built in the 1940's. The west building (entrance below) was the nurses' recreation room built in 1953.

Sign says: Written on the side of the iron lung: "Do not destroy this or the bellows. It will become in time an item of medical history for a museum. Signed A. Hayton 1979 Hawera Hospital"

Autoclave for sterilizing linen

Top table sign: Instruments set for tonsillectomy  
Table on right: Anaesthesia machine
Table on left: I don't know

This was originally built around 1890 and situated in New Plymouth and moved from Taranaki Base Hospital to Taranaki Pioneer Village on 28.2.86. The display is a memorial to Drs Bill and Doris Gordon, both prominent Stratford physicians. Some of the medical equipment was donated by the Gordon family.

Dentist's office

pale pink beauties

I see this flower  a lot in the public gardens we haunt but have never found a name. I'm hoping my bloggy friends can help with that. :)  I was originally convinced that these are NOT rhodos because they are short and bushy-looking and are in particular sheltered part of Pukeiti Gardens--compared to the abundance of 'regular' rhodos that we see at this time of year. But with some research and all the great comments, I concede that it is a type of rhodo. Thanks, bloggy friends!