favorite blooms

Many of the seeds that I have planted in the last few months have disappointed me and I have a garden full of markers where they should have bloomed. :( But, I have hopes that they will bloom next year and, until then, I am enjoying the blooms that I have. 

This is a phacelia.

I like the little blue forget-me-not among the gazenias.

I wish these glads would grow facing the same way!

We had cows in the paddocks surrounding the house, too, and they kept a wary eye on me as I took photos of the the flowers and them.


Wednesday Around the World and a giggle

This sign hands on a fence in Hawera on a busy road.

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Swallows on the line

There is an exasperating wire that runs across the front yard garden and ruins a lot of sky photos from the windows. The good think about it is that many different birds find it a good place to take a rest. Swallows sometimes line the whole wire but they are always orderly and well-spaced

--except for these two that were extremely close day after day.

 I'm sure that some of you have already guessed what's going on with them.

They had me very curious for many days.

I have to see it for myself before I say for sure and now I can tell you that 
it's a mama feeding her baby!