A picture before leaving....again!

The South Island calls and we will be on our way soon. I leave you with this sign to tide you over. Hopefully, I will be back with some awesome photos!!

Did Ja Bring A Beer Along - It seems this is a popular name for places and horses, especially Australia.

R Tucker Thompson cruise

We caught the ferry to Russell and took a 5 hour cruise on a tall ship called the R Tucker Thompson (click here for info). It was an incredible experience with freshly-baked scones for  morning tea.

 I have to say it looked like a lot of work but our crew of 3 had the sails down pat. One had to climb up to untie the smaller sails at the top. He scampered up one side and down the other like a pro. All those on board were invited to climb the rigging, steer the ship and help with the sails.

While some were taken to an island for a stroll and others took a swim, the crew prepared a wonderful lunch in a very casual atmosphere.

This is a one of a kind experience and the profits go to a youth development program.

Our World Tuesday

Life through the Lens

Koutu Boulders

Along the Hokianga Harbor, there is a stretch of beach that contains some interesting rock formations called the Koutu boulders. My mother-in-law and I walked along the beach and it took us the best part of two hours. 

Most sites say it's an 'easy' walk if you go two hours either side of low tide. Maybe if you're 25 and have done a decathlon or two. But for two, ahem, older gentleladies who were looking for a stroll down the beach, not so much. 

But we were determined to clamber over rocks and get to the other end--mostly, because we didn't think we could get back up the steep bank that we came down from the car. 

And, by golly, we can say we walked from one end to the other!

I didn't see any 20 foot-tall concretions like they said we would (whoever 'they' are), but some were pretty big. I am 6 feet tall (that's me in the blue) and several were taller than me. I hope you enjoy the views.

the Parrot Place

The Parrot Place in Kerikeri was one of our destinations on our holiday. We had been there before but it's too much fun to pass up. This king parrot on my neck (below) never stopped nibbling on my hair and skin--weird but nice!

There is a walk-through aviary that has lots of pretty and friendly birds.

This parrot loves attention and when he wasn't the center of the universe, he would hang upside down by one talon to get it.

This is Elmo, the mascot of the Parrot Place. He can't fly but he loves it when you hold him up high.