Forgotten World Highway - State Highway 43

Last weekend we took highway 3 up the coast and came back by highway 43. Here's a map to prove that it's an actual part of the NZ roadway :)

Highway 43 is called the Forgotten World Highway. Click here if you want to know more. It has some wonderful scenery along the way, even though some of the road is not paved.

Heavy rains cause slips where supporting soil falls away from the road.

Escaped farm animals are a common sight.

Hobbit's Hole built in 1936. The floor of the tunnel was lowered in 1985 to allow trucks through.

wild color

What a surprise it was to be minding our own business, tooling down the road, and then to see all those colors flying across the road! I wish these were better shots, but they are sooo fast and the weather was not helpful.

*edited--thanks Mick* Originally from Australia, these Eastern Rosellas were introduced in the 1900's.  You can read more here.


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