WATW and blue skies

I'm looking forward to lots of spring and summer blooms
and enjoying some pretty nice weather.

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spring garden

This is how my garden looked a few days ago. It has been raining the last couple
of days, so I'm sure it will look different the next time I get out there!

Train chasing

Today we chased a 1938 vintage ex-NZR Standard railcar that is owned by the Pahiatua Railcar Society. It was certainly fast for being so old!

Tokomaru is a very small town, best known for a Steam Engine museum.

Lake Westmere, Whanganui

On our last trip to Whanganui, we stopped at this little wildlife refuge at
Lake Westmere on Rapanui Road. You can walk all the way around the lake,
about 45 minutes walking, but we just went a little ways down the path.
Hubby found a tui that was too busy eating nectar from the kowhai trees to notice us.

I was trying to get a shot of the reeds in the water, but my
view was mostly obstructed. I think the shots I got are quite
moody and interesting, though.