Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

Since there was so much interest in this bridge, I thought I'd show you more of it. In looking through my posts on this blog, it seems I have posted photos eight other times starting in 2010 when it was just finished!

Like most folk in the area, I thought it was just a cool bridge that looked like whale bones, but upon closer inspection, I have found that it was built on sacred Maori land and the design was to capture the idea of the prevailing west wind and to honor those that have gone before. Click here for more.

For those of you that are interested in bridges, click here for a link about the original bridges
over the years that have been build on the site starting in 1842.

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a few favorites

I'm so happy and blessed to live among this beauty.

Hubby feeding eels in the Te Henui Stream, New Plymouth

Manuka trees

Te Rewa Rewa bridge

pohutukawa tree

What can I say....

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