my spring garden

Little by little spring is showing herself. These flowers are from my garden,
with tulips and irises and poppies budding--oh, my!

embracing early spring

A visit to the parks in Hawera found spring colors galore!

off-beat history

I showed you this public toilet in an earlier post
When I googled the school to give you more information, 
I ended up shaking my head. 
Here's what Wikipedia says about the town of Marco:

...The settlement is named from Marco Road, which runs a short distance to the 
northwest. The road was named after a dog owned by the district surveyor, 
Mr Sladden. Marco was killed in the middle of the road line by a 
huge boar while he and his master were pig hunting.

This lovely mural is located at the entrance to the short walkway to the historic grave of 
John Morgan, a surveyor.  When you get to the grave, it seems to be deep in the bush, 
but you can see it from the road.

shooting the moon

Having no houses or lights close to the house makes shots of the moon
easy to get. I have been thinking about other night sky shots and
I will definitely share them when I get brave.