pioneer village original house

I was inspired to revisit Pioneer Village in Stratford and get some fresh shots for the Rubbish Tuesday meme. I didn't like history class, but maybe if they explained it visually, like this place, I would have!

the sky at dusk

Hubby used to ask me what I saw when I'd run out of the house at dusk with the camera. After hearing, 'The sky!' over and over, he just rolls his eyes now. But I find the clouds and colors quite fascinating. These are just a few that I have taken. The only editing I've done is cropping.



mangatoki church

Built in 1904 in Mangatoki, this church is now part of Pioneer Village in Stratford. It is available for weddings.

Donation box

feeder war!

After a bit of conversation, Hubby made a feeder from shortening and seeds to hang in the tree. I hoped to see waxeyes but it seems that finches took it over. In my effort to show how much it was being enjoyed, I hid behind the curtains and snapped these shots. I had no idea I was shooting a fight in progress! I'll let you insert your own birdie dialogue :)