Stewart Island

 Hubby, Missy, the MIL and I took a boat ferry across Foveaux Strait, which takes about one hour from Bluff to Stewart Island. It was pretty rough and I was the only one that didn't have a technicolor yawn, if you know what I mean!
We had about 45 minutes before our nature tour started so Missy and I walked to 'town' for a quick look.

As we started to Ulva Island for our tour, this huge albatross buzzed the boat. I was so proud that Hubby got this great shot of it.

But, then more showed up.

Apparently, they think all boats are fishing boats, so they fly over all the boats looking for food. It was a magnificent sight to see them hove over our heads. For some reason, they reminded me of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz!


wishing well

The latest addition to my flower garden is a wishing well built by Hubby.
I will have more photos when I get more camera batteries. 
They both lasted just long enough for our holiday, both giving out on the plane home!


Larnach Castle

 We spent a week in the southern part of the South Island, mostly new territory for me. With just a few specific things planned to see, we mostly just enjoying the wildlife and scenery.

One of the stops on the agenda was Larnach Castle, the only castle in New Zealand, which is in Dunedin. The woodwork was stunning to see and the furnishings were just amazing. Have a look.

This is the view from the top square turret. That's Hubby in the red shirt with his mum. We got up there by a very small and, to me, a bit spooky, spiral stairway.