backroad scenes

I thought I'd show you a few last bits of scenery from our trip on the backroads.  

There are pine trees everywhere. The Department of Conservation grows them commercially as well as private farmers because they grow super fast here.

I always look for wild goats for some reason.

Mt Taranaki looked a bit spooky as it was shrouded in clouds as the sun went down.

As we made our way back home, the changes of the clouds were interesting.

stormy weather photos

I guess autumn or winter has caught up with us because today was our coldest day yet this year. The forecast called for showers all around most of the country with the wind making some large waves. Since we couldn't be gardening, it was perfect timing for a trip around the mountain to see the water dance under the storm's influence.
We started out on the south part of Taranaki and made our way up the coast around the edge of the district. It seemed the farther we went, the bigger the waves were.