fairy town

I photographed these magical little toadstools at Hollard Garden with the other autumn colors in my last post. Every time I see a them, I feel the urge to write a children's story about a tiny, little world. Alas, I am not disciplined enough to do it; so I settle for taking some macro shots.

Before you start nit-picking about my choice of words, there is no difference between mushrooms and toadstool, although the term 'toadstools' has gradually become applied to toxic types. http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Mushroom-and-Toadstool-Toxicology.htm and http://knowledgenuts.com/2014/01/05/difference-between-toadstools-and-mushrooms/

Sunday Snap (last shot)

fall colors at Hollards Garden

There's a storm in the air so we took the short drive to Hollards Garden for a little exercise (and, of course, pictures) before it arrives.


monochrome mountain

Although I know it's not permanent, I am enjoying the warm weather and my lovely dahlias. Even the snow on the mountain is looking less wintery--for now.

foamy waters

I never get tired of seeing the waves leave a layer of foam on the beach. I think the rocks give the foam a distinct beauty.

As we walked around the coastline, Hubby pointed out this sign that had fallen down the bank. It says, 'Caution! These cliffs have crumbling edges. Please keep clear.'  I guess they were right.