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WATW and one from the archives

I'm trying to think warm thoughts to get me through our winter weather and this shot from my archives helps a lot! *edit* Taken at Wai Iti Beach.

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Tutahi church at Nukumaru

The word 'Tutahi' is hung over the door at this church and means 'we stand as one'.

Tutahi Church is located on State Highway 3 near Waverley. It is built on the site of the Tauranga Iki Pa. It is a significant and spiritual place for Maori.
It is thought to have been built about 1870 and a bible is known to have been placed in the foundation stone.
An interesting story associated with the church is that apparently all the soldiers linked with the church who went away to WWII returned home. This has added to the sense of spirituality that surrounds the church.
In 2002 Dalvanius Prime was buried at this site.