more beach trip


Hubby took this shot when we found a cemetery on the roadside.

Shelly Beach

Piha beach

Homes crammed on the hillside at Piha

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roentare said...

Beautiful scenery as usual. The mural is nice too

Sami said...

What a beautiful spot :) Lovely murals and they fit so well with the scenery too.
Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Betty.

Yvonne said...

Love all the photos. What a lovely place to visit.

Heidi R. said...

I see an enchanting landscape and there are even mangroves, I like that and also the wall painting. At first glance, could the shells be mistaken for stones? I wonder if clams can survive without water? Very beautiful is the photo where the sky touches the sea or is it the sea that touches the sky?
LG Heidi