Rutherford Lighthouse Museum

The Rutherford Lighthouse Museum at the end of Bayley Road is a specially designed replica lighthouse
 housing the 1850’s Fresnil Prismatic Light that powered the Cape Egmont Lighthouse until 1999.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse that is now automated.


Gail Dixon said...

I love lighthouses. This one is so pretty with that vivid blue sky!

Belle said...

I find lighthouses to be so romantic. I'd love to live in one because I love the ocean and I'd like to be able to climb the stairs up to the top every day.

Icy BC said...

Gorgeous lighthouse museum and pretty blue sky!

Richard Lawry said...

I love lighthouses, but don't see them often as I live a long way from the ocean. I was able to photograph a beautiful lighthouse on the Oregon coast a couple of years ago.

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