the town of kaponga

This sleepy little town is about 25 minutes from Stratford. The name means 'tree ferns used for palisades', according to southtaranaki.com.

As we walked one of main streets, we found these old vehicles inside a garage. This bicycle is called a 'penny-farthing' because of the proportions of wheel size to a penny and a farthing.

One of many motorized bicycles in this garage.

The old-fashioned wiring is quaint.

According to Jason's, this town has a strong Swiss background.

Click here for more history of Kaponga from NZETC (NZ Electonic Text Collection).


Pere Jobal said...

is especially exciting for me to see beautiful pictures of new zealand
I spent the best two months of my life. Thanks for your comment.
Have a nice day :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fun walk. (We used to love exploring small towns when we traveled all the time.)