One, two, three


Barbara said...

Great Captures. I cannot wait for the blooms to start. We are just now getting a taste of spring.
Enjoy your blog.
Smiles B

Huzhar said...

Wonderful photos! The flowers and the butterfly are gorgeous. Your other pictures are beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

How nice blossoms !
I'm learning English, so now my English isn't very good. I hope that I can be an articulate and fluent English speaker soon and I can read your blog or others easier. I'm impressed by pictures on your blog, thanks for sharing.
And thank you for visiting my blog ^^"
Have a good weekend!

Deb said...

the butterflies are so pretty and the flowers are wonderful, I like your blog, I'm glad you came to visit so I could find yours

Kitty said...

Pretty flowers. And those are really awesome butterflies. :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Are those dahlias? They sure are pretty, and so is that Monarch. It is a Monarch, isn't it?

Wow, you moved from Kansas to New Zealand? What are winters like there?

Thanks for the nice comment on my post about gardening at the neighbor's.

Christina, Sweden said...

Lovely flowers, great color and so nice with butterflies on

/Christina from Sweden