Patea beach

The ever changing beaches have uncovered our shipwreck at Patea
again. The Waitangi was peeking from the sand for the third
time in the last 14 years.
I was really surprised at the changes at the beach, but it was three
years ago that we last walked on the sand dunes.
Of course, the waves are always mesmerizing!

Waitangi shipwreck, Patea, NZ

Waitangi shipwreck, Patea, NZ

Waitangi shipwreck, Patea, NZ

Waitangi shipwreck, Patea, NZ

Patea, NZ

You can check out these past posts to see the changes in the beach when the remains were uncovered:

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EricaSta said...

Wow... what a wonderful landscape. Thank you for sharing.
Stay healthy and well.

At Home In New Zealand said...

It makes one wonder what else is hidden away beneath our sands, waiting for nature to reveal it at some stage.

Rhodesia said...

Beautiful photos well-done Keep well and have a good week, Diane.

Taken For Granted said...

Interesting old wreck and it has deteriorated considerably since your first post in 2011. It is dramatic, and I can see why you are drawn to photograph it. Keep documenting the changes over the years.

Amy said...

oh old shipwrecks, very cool and NZ has plenty of those. Do you know much about this one?

kiwikid said...

I find it fascinating nkwthe sands change and move we see it here thru the year, sometimes there is a shady beach near us and sometimes it moves further along. Great to be able to see the wreck again.