pohutukawa and WATW

The pohutukawas, aka New Zealand Christmas Trees, don't fully bloom in Taranaki
by Christmas, so this is a photo from my archives.

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WATW will be discontinued at the end of the year.  :(  You can read about it here.
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I love photographing the animals that I come across.

This is a mama swallow and a baby swallow on the wire. I watched her feed him as 
she stayed close by.


Wednesday around the World

Summer has officially arrived in New Zealand, yay!!

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new beach at waitara

Hubby found a new beach for us to explore. It's in Waitara but I don't know
its name.

 It's quite a small beach, but there is a military pillbox that has 
washed down the cliff onto the sand.


Wednesday around the World

I was gardening earlier in the week and noticed that I was being watched!
Mickey didn't bat an eye when I went to get the camera.

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pincushion flowers

I was very happy to see my pincushion (scabiosa) flower starting to bloom!
I bought one plant last year and it self seeded lots of seedlings that grew through
most of the winter.

These were the very first two petals that I saw opening up.

And this is a close-up of the cute visitor that was on it.

In case you're wondering what it looks like, these two photos are the original plant,
photos taken last summer.

Definitely a new favorite.

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blooming colors

My garden actually looks a bit patchy as I have some newly dug space that isn't full yet. 
But, individually, the flowers look quite presentable :)


free range piggies

I love it when Hubby stops here on our drives around the countryside.  I have
no idea who owns this farm that has friendly piggies next to the road, but I 
do have lots of photos of the critters.



I love garden surprises!!

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