WATW and Long Beach, NZ

I got my laptop back!!

We had some great weather and took a walk down Long Beach in Waverley, NZ, this weekend. 
This is my one good photo. Hubby took the rest (you can see the first of them here.)

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long beach, waverley

This is the first post in a series of photos that Hubby took at Long Beach in Waverley. 
We went to see some (supposedly) petrified trees that are quite a way down the beach. I gave the camera to 
Hubby because I wasn't sure I'd make it--but I did! 
He has a great eye for photos, but he looks at them once and then never again!

The cliff is shiny from water dripping down.



An image from the archives since I'm on a 'loaner' laptop without my
organized stuff!!

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winter beauty

While the northern hemisphere is sweltering, our winter is so mild that the
flowers don't know the aren't suppose to be blooming yet!


black and white

These are some of the 80+ ducklings that grew up on the pond at our rental house about 10 years ago.

The last shot was taken as we drove through Pahiatua about 10 years ago.


coastal views

I finally have 'a'  laptop to use while still waiting for a fan replacement for 'the' laptop. So, while I'm trying to figure out the finer points, here are a few pictures.


Wednesday around the World

Fog between the hills made the cows look a bit alien.

What is going on in your world?
My laptop is being fixed (I'm using Hubby's while he is at work), but I hope it's back soon.
 I don't miss looking around the internet, but I do miss posting photos!

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Wednesday around the World

The ocean is always a great place to find critters!

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