I just wanted to share this photo that I captured a few nights ago.


more foam

I'm not sure why, but sea foam fascinates me.


strange things on the side of the road

We drive through the town of Kaponga to go to Hollard Gardens. It's basically one intersection with a pub, a small grocery store, a mechanic's garage and a school. The population can't be more than 400.

I have to say that we see the strangest vehicles parked in this small town, but not outside the mechanic's place.

It seems that tennis was a big thing a few decades back.


rhodo and WATW

Spring has sprung here in Taranaki!

What is going on in your part of the world?

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Seafoam fascinates me.

Storms produce a lot of it by churning up algae.

What is going on in your world?

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