This is the second time that my azalea has blooms this winter--so far--even
after a few days of terrible winds and very cold temperatures!

How is your corner of the world doing?

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former Waikawa St Mary's

I ran across this cute little church on one of our trips
and had to stop for a photo.


Wednesday around the World

It is definitely winter in my part of the world but it's
still beautiful if you look around!

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random archive photos

I love that I caught this hawk in the shot!

Welcome swallow on the front porch

Paradise ducks that live in the next paddock

Good Random Fun (you pick!)


archived churches

These are a few churches that I ran across from several years back.


winter colors

I never thought I'd see spring bulbs in the middle of winter, but I guess stranger things have happened.  I am definitely not complaining, as this shows you how mild the winter has been. There was one frost that got a few of my flowers but that must have been the only 'winter' that the bulbs felt and then it was time to bloom!


Wednesday around the World

I love the ocean, no matter the season!

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Otakeho Cemetery

As he drives his truck around Taranaki, Hubby is always on the lookout 
for interesting places to show me.  If you didn't know it was there, you would
totally overlook this entrance to a small cemetery along the highway.

After some research after out visit, I found that Mr. Mackie is buried here but his
headstone only has his first two names on the headstone so I missed it.

At the base of the above marker is this plaque about his James and his wife. 
"Mary Ann Meredith emigrated with her family (The Joneses) on the FIFESHIRE, the
first settlers sailing ship into Nelson, in 1842.  James, a seaman, arrived in 1834. 
They wed in 1855, becoming the third settler family in Tuamarina in late 1870's. 
They relocated to Foxton then farmed in Rongotea area. They moved to Auroa in 1892."