scenes from a public NZ road

I adore the scenery in Taranaki. Even after 9 years, I still giggle to myself when I realized that public roads in NZ are sometimes just dirt trails. We went to Lake Rotorangi yesterday and these are some of the sights. We captured a hawk that had just grabbed a rabbit. 

He then flew off to a field to eat it and gave us a dirty look before we drove off.

This is the Tangahoe Valley Road Tunnel. Click here for some interesting history.

There wasn't enough water to keep the roots clinging to the hillside and the grass and weeds peeled off like wallpaper,

Sadly, this is what possums do to the native trees.

This house on the lake looks like a great place to spend the summer.


facile et beau - Gusta said...

gorgeous images. i like the one with the hawk among the grass. the roads are so different then in europe.
merry christmas

Donna said...

Stunning views!

Linda W. said...

Nice capture of the hawk in flight!

Rambling Woods said...

Great catch on the hawk and beautiful green... I have never seen plants peeling off like that... Happy Holidays... Michelle

daisy g said...

Wow! You have some gorgeous views!
Thank you for taking the time to share these shots on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

NatureFootstep said...

nice to see your images. But it makes me want to go back for another trip. And that is not possible any more.

Merry Christmas!

Rhonda Albom said...

Beautiful scenery. I giggle at the dirt roads at times too, although they are all paved where we live.

Jazzy Jack said...

Gorgeous tunnel photos! I like the peeling foliage too.
Sure would love a Summer in that house!
Thanks for the tour :-)
Xo Jazzy Jack