a bit of randomness

 The 'Jesus' rock that gets graffitied often.

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  1. Lovely series of photos. I especially like the b&w beach scene with the great light and reflections in the wet sand.

  2. Awesome snapshots!!! They all look so stunning, take my breath away. Well, that's New Zealand for you- the scenery is absolutely out of this world.

  3. Greetings to New Zealand, Betty. I love this "bit of randomness". Thanks for your participation in Nature Thursday.
    Elke - Mainzauber / Germany

  4. Every one of these photos is awesome! Hard to pick favorites, but I'm a sucker for ocean views.

  5. The kind of reed (?) Gives a fantastic expanse and the view of a beautiful bay - WOW!
    Even the breaking wave with splashing spray does not fail to have an effect! Thank you for the link in the 'Galeria Himmelsblick.'


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