long beach, waverley

This is the first post in a series of photos that Hubby took at Long Beach in Waverley. 
We went to see some (supposedly) petrified trees that are quite a way down the beach. I gave the camera to 
Hubby because I wasn't sure I'd make it--but I did! 
He has a great eye for photos, but he looks at them once and then never again!

The cliff is shiny from water dripping down.


  1. Wow! Petrified wood simply amazes me. I've walked through a forest of petrified trees in a geyser area. I think of them having been stunned all of a sudden.

  2. wow lots of tree stumps there on the beach, wonder if it was once a forest area.

  3. A second wow - I have only seen petrified wood here in the desert -never close or in the water1 Stunning captures and miracles in nature! Thank your hubby for his help tso you could share this feat of nature with All Seasons!

  4. Hello, gorgeous views of the beach and coast. The petrified trees are amazing.
    Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. Fabulous … I especially liked the shot of the bubbles. Your hubby is quite the photographer!

  6. Those stumps are petrified? And they are now in water? Wow!
    Lovely sights.

  7. What great photos especially of the petrified trees.

  8. Wow, he got some great shots. What a gorgeous place.


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