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These are from the archives.

I thought it was ambitious that someone made a home from these old water tanks.

This shipwreck is at Patea Beach. Here's some history.

The things you see on the side of the road!

Good Random Fun (you pick!)


  1. A super fun collection of photos! I love the waterfalls and the coastline and maybe it would be fun to drive in that shellmobile!

  2. Hari OM
    Yes that was fun... for me, being an architecture geek, am loving the water tower units! YAM xx

  3. A great collection. I like the little boat shot best. We watch Grand designs New Zealand and see homes made from strange buildings.

  4. Most interesting collection of photos, especially the steam ship wreck and the art car.

  5. Hi Betty-
    Really beautiful photos in your post.
    I love the waterfall very much and the boat scene.
    Long way from the midwest to NZ, ya? :)
    Thanks for coming to see my blog.
    Have a Happy Week!
    Peace :)

  6. love the waterfall and the stilts of course ... but that 'tank house'... holy cow who does something like that? Wow -- i've seen a few episodes of a show where they feature odd homes like that, I think it's called 'You Live in What?" This sure would qualify.

    And that 'art car' is crazy wild!!

    What fun -- I'm envious of your archives!!!!

  7. Hello! I like these photos! Thank you!

  8. A good collection of photos. The upper floor in the water tank must have a high ceiling.

  9. Amazing images you have shared. Loved the shipwreck and the elegant birds.
    Have a wonderful week :)


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