goblin forest

Mt Taranaki is home of the Goblin Forest. When you find your way through it you are rewarded with beautiful waterfalls and pools of crystal clear mountain water.
"This forest looks like something from a fantasy movie. It is primarily kamahi trees which began life perched on the trunks of other trees. Their trunks and branches have grown through and around the existing trees, creating the distinctive gnarled, twisted forest. Hanging mosses, liverworts and ferns have added to the strange effect."


  1. Spooky! Never seen like it before. Great shots!


  2. What an amazing place. Must be wonderful to be there.

  3. I love it -- reminds me a bit of some parts of Florida (nobody thinks it, but we have a lot of ferns, moss, airplants and dark woodsy areas here too).

  4. I love the first shot. A natural archway.

  5. How wonderful, I always wanted to be amongst the goblins.

  6. Yet another place that I would not have known about and now hope to see some day. It is perfectly named, isn't it? i like all the photos, but especially appreciated the "natural archway" pointed out by Rinkly Rimes.

  7. would you like to have fairies feeding you nectar?

    I was at Waitomo, and saw some of these hanging from the trees.


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