Good news!

As I was going about my business commenting on Blogger with Firefox 
(instead of Chrome) I came across a page that told me 

'it seems you have third party cookies blocked'.

So I changed that one setting so I could continue. 

Of course, I was curious about Chrome and wondered if that could be my 
problem there.  I checked and, sure enough, all was well with 
my Google account using chrome again.

Weird. I have no idea why the setting would have changed, but I guess
that doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that I can comment
like usual. Yay.

I'm posting this just in case it could help someone else with the same problem.


The last of the Marlborough Sounds

I really enjoyed the plane trip that Hubby organized for me and MIL while 
we were in the south island. 

At the top of the 'runway' for takeoff, half way through the trip.

The stripe is where we just took off from (above).

The end...


Blogger sucks

I am not happy with Blogger at the moment.

I am signed into all my accounts, but Blogger doesn't 
recognize my account for comments.

Please know that I have read your posts and tried to comment.
I do hope this is cleared up soon.

**EDIT **
I have downloaded firefox and I can comment through that browser,
so there will be comments! YAY! 

But, Blogger still sucks.


My Corner of the World

This is from Ngatea Water Gardens several years ago. It still makes me smile.

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Birds before coffee

When I opened the drapes this morning, there were spanaries (yellow hammers, actually, but I prefer my name for them) on the front lawn that let me take their photos.

Then, I noticed more fantails than usual that were flying around the side of the 
house, so I went to the spare room window and saw lots of birds flitting 
around into the copper sheen tree and out. 

All these photos were through the window and before my first cup of coffee!

 From top left, clockwise: English goldfinches, starling, fantail, goldfinch, 
sparrows, spanaries.

From top right, counterclockwise: waxeye, yellowhammer, fantail, waxeye, 
fantail, goldfinches



My Corner of the World

There is a HUGE flock of English goldfinches that love the dairy paddocks that 
surround my house. I can see them land in the tall grass but they don't often 
get close enough to the house for photos.
This morning, they swarmed over the yellow daisies (that come 
up like weeds) in my garden and I got a few quick shots through the window
before they were gone again. 

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Just for me!

Hubby raises a few strawberries for me each year. These were on the
front porch and I drooled watching them mature.

They were delicious! 
The ones behind got hit by frost :(


more randomness

The colorful hay bales show a donation to different causes--pink is breast cancer,
blue is prostate cancer, purple is Starship Children's Hospital, yellow childhood cancer.
Green is usual color.