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This is a pohutukawa tree, also called the New Zealand Christmas tree because it 
blooms at Christmastime (in the summer here in New Zealand).

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traveling the backroads again

The Awakino Post office has been transformed into accommodations. 

I have no idea what this used to be but am open to ideas.    Thanks Jeff from Taken for Granted for identifying this as a steam traction engine. That makes sense as they dot the countryside.

Living in the house (white dot) in the middle of the photo wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit. :)

I'm not sure why, but this ending to one long dirt road freaked me out a little bit.
I guess it was because the next road wasn't immediately apparent.


My Corner of the World

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the search for Kiwi Road

So, of course, we wanted to find out for ourselves if they were right or wrong!

Getting to Kiwi Road was not an easy task, but the scenery was pretty cool. 

And, then, with this ominous sign, we found Kiwi Road.

There had been logging done. The tree trunks left standing are from ponga
trees that are useless as lumber.

Not far before this tunnel, the 'road' turned into a track with grass down the middle.
That's when we realized this was probably the part they wanted to stop keeping up.

For the last few miles, this is the only photo I took as the road  was so twisty 
and rocky that we couldn't stop (and looked like  the same turns over and over!), even when we went under a tree that had just enough room for a vehicle cut out of it as it lay across the road!

So, we decided that the council was probably right. I'm sure they are
happy that we agree :)

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