This is one from the archives on this wintry, wet day!

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hodge podge

Many of the public buildings in the small towns have been purchased for residential use because of the earthquake regulations.


hungry hawk

When Hubby was on his way home, he drove by this juvenile hawk on our road as it was eating. I guess he was too hungry to care that a car was just a few feet meter away and didn't notice when I grabbed the camera and we drove back to see if he was still there. 


crazy flowers and conspiracies

 I'm not sure that my garden knows it's almost winter 
with this rose bud...

...and this lovely camellia. 

This is Freddy the Finch. He is the only bird that doesn't fly away when I open the window and throw out some bird seed. He even flies really close to the window when he sees me.

I'm beginning to think all the birds conspire to keep an eye out
for birdseed. The crowd seems to grow in size daily :)


hungry gulls and WATW

They are a definite source of entertainment!

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these little piggies

 Occcasionally, Hubby makes a point to drive past the local free-range piggie farm.

They always meander up the hill to see who has stopped to look at them or take photos.

Poor black sow mama was feeding her babies when we got there.

She got up and started up the hill to see us.

Her little ones seemed to slow her down.

But only got about half way before she laid back down to let the little ones have more to eat!


crepuscular clouds and WATW

Beauty with the sun hidden behind the clouds!

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