Wednesday around the World

As ex-cyclone Gita rambled through the Cook Strait, the sun came out for a moment 
and I ran out to get a glimpse of this!

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lake mangamahoe

Even though I thoroughly enjoy my solitude at our house, Hubby makes sure that I get out
and about on the weekends. This weekend he took me to Lake Mangamahoe, outside
of New Plymouth. It's been a favorite of mine since the first time he took me there.

Apparently, it's too cold in Canada for the Canadian geese!



some random images

'The real king of burgers' McDonald's ad from Burger King window.


another one!

In my last post, I told you that I get very few butterflies in my garden. 
Well, before my last scheduled post was published another admiral showed up!

And, as a bonus, there was a monarch, too!


yellow admiral and WATW

I don't get a lot of butterflies in my flower garden--just the occasional
monarch, red admiral and this lovely yellow admiral.

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 I was happily surprised that my seeds from one plant last year gave
me so many wonderful hibiscus blooms this year. I wish I could remember 
where I got the original plant!


ocean images

Even after 11 years, I still can't get enough of the ocean.



at the zoo

Brooklands Zoo in New Plymouth has some interesting characters.

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