Roadside snaps

This is St. Andrew's in Inglewood, aka "The Knickers Church"*

*Inglewood is a small town that has just enough business to make it basically self-sufficient, which is a good thing, especially for the elderly residents. Well, it was noted, one day, in this tiny town that there were no 'intimate apparel' shops. **swoon, with wrist to forehead** So St. Andrew's decided to correct this by organizing a weekly minibus run to the thriving metropolis of New Plymouth for the older residents. And the rest, as they say, is history.



This is a Pohutukawa, also called the New Zealand Christmas tree. There are advantages of having Christmas in the summer!


my world

It's beginning to look like spring in our part of the world!



I don't know what this is, but I call this the 'diesel plant' because it stinks like diesel!
This is a flowering currant (thanks Jay!)